In the midst of flooding information about health through television, we must, once again, think about the importance of giving thoughts on our mental and physical health. Having a peaceful mind, resulted from being mentally and physically healthy, and being kind to ourselves enable us to see problems from the viewpoint of patients. This is, actually, something that is expected of us. That is why I am trying to stay healthy and cheerful, everyday.
Please consult us anything about your oral problems. We welcome you to our office with open arms .


Seiyu Dental Clinic Ohta Dental Clinic

Seiyu Dental Clinic
Ohgi 3-25-4,
Adachi Ward, Tokyo
TEL) 03-3854-4618

Ohta Dental Clinic
Gamo-Kotobuki-cho 18-43,
Koshigaya-city, Saitama
TEL) 048-988-5396